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"A note to let you know the small Warren Coriz jar arrived this afternoon in perfect shape. I am really pleased with it. It feels so good in my hands! I know bigger pottery vessels go for more money and are flashier, etc. They undoubtedly appreciate in value more. But a really well executed smaller pot, like this one, not only fits into my downsized collection better, but in so many ways demonstrates the artist's abilities just as well as the heroic pieces. I've been collecting (and divesting myself of) Pueblo pottery for going on 30 years, and I haven't seen a nicer "classic" Santo Domingo jar. So....my thanks for the quality and good value for the price...and for the excellent packaging!"
M.J. ~ Waco, Texas ~ 9/25/09

"These days it is unfortunately very rare that I am sufficiently impressed by a merchant's service to write them a congratulatory note; yet I am pleased to say that my recent transaction with you was very professional in every way. The piece was priced fairly, it was shipped promptly in excellent packaging, it was exactly as described and the certificate of authenticity added a nice touch. In short, I hope that I will find a reason to do business with you again in the future."
W.B. ~ Brentwood, Tennessee ~ 6/4/09

"I am so pleased with the Goldenrod Garcia pot.  I have longed to add one of her elegant pieces to my collection. Thank you for working with me again.  My favorite pots have all come from you. Thank you for the excellent service."
M.H. ~ Romeo, Michigan ~ 4/16/09

"The package arrived today! It's always so exciting receiving a package from you! The nativity scene is beautiful! Every piece is exquisite in detail and form. I had tears in my eyes as I gently opened each piece. As always, thank you for your care in wrapping and packaging the pieces so carefully for shipping. The nativity scene is a treasure we will enjoy for years to come."
M.M. ~ Los Angeles, California ~ 11/19/08

"I just wanted to let you know that the pottery I ordered arrived safe and sound yesterday.  As always the pottery was fabulous! Thank you for your great service.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the not too distant future."
G.B. ~ Columbus, Ohio ~ 11/4/08

"I just received my order and the pottery pieces are really beautiful.  One can get a pretty good idea of a piece from the photos on your web-site, but there is nothing that beats seeing them in person. Thank you for the extra gifts of the mat and the calendar, and thank you especially for packing the pieces so carefully. The packing was just superb. You have several other pieces on your web-site that I am anxious to purchase as finances permit. Thank you so much for offering such beautiful pieces."
K. K. ~ Monmouth, New Jersey ~ 9/19/08

"UPS delivered my order today.  Everything was perfect  Thank you!  You set a unique standard in terms of what is offered and the way in which work is displayed and described.  Your respect for this art form is consistent throughout the site and carries through into service, communication and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Visiting your site is always a rewarding experience".
S.M. ~ Florence, Alabama ~ 7/30/08

"The beautiful pot by Myrtle Cata arrived safely.  You can probably expect a layaway payment from me each month until you 'quit the business'!  Super packing!  I recycle packing materials.  Thanks again!"
J.C. ~ China Spring, Texas ~ 6/27/08

"You are an organized phenomenon! It is a fabulous pleasure to be a patron of such a honorable and responsible establishment! I mean it!"
P.M. ~ Dallas, Texas ~ 6/13/08

"The two pots arrived safely and securely packed as always. I am extremely pleased with both. The Santo Domingo pot is bolder and even more beautiful than shown on your website. The Acoma pot is fun and makes me smile whenever I look at it. I can always depend upon you for fine quality pots and superb customer service. Thank you!"
C.F. ~ Witchita, Kansas
~ 5/30/08

"Delighted to report that your world class packing got both (Tony) Dallas pieces here in perfect shape. Everyone loves them!"
S.H. ~ Sunnyvale, California ~ 5/12/08

"I love the Southwest but travel by jet has gotten to be such a hassle and so expensive. A trip to your piece of heaven in Maine was a treat and once in your gallery, I could have been in Santa Fe. Everything but the Southwest restaurant next door (which would have been perfect). Thank you for your hospitality, your expertise, and our lovely wedding vase."
C.T. ~ Haverhill, Massachusetts ~ 4/27/08

"You have a great site and I know you have great taste in pottery because I want to buy all of it. Thank you for letting me use the layaway. Buying a treasure on a tight budget is not easy but well worth the wait. Blessings!"
G.R. ~ Bisbee, Arizona ~ 4/2/08

"Boxes arrived at work yesterday while I was out and I unpacked today…everything  in great shape and admired….I am a very happy guy right now…you know I buy these to keep , not to trade. I simply admire the talent and desire to make even everyday things like the Gregorita Cruz flat bowl a thing of beauty. Best money I ever spent and would not trade it for all the expensive cars or electronic gear in the world…….Thanks as always."
T.H. ~ Dallas, Texas ~ 2/9/08

"The Thomas Tenorio piece arrived today, promptly and safely.  I am truly elated with this magnificent piece of art. Satisfaction - even elation - has been my experience with all pieces I have purchased from you. Discovering your website several years ago has indeed enriched not only my collection but my enthusiasm for pursuing this interest. Thank you very much for all the assistance you so graciously offer."
D. L. ~ York, Pennsylvania ~ 9/17/07

"The 2nd of the two pots I ordered from you arrived today. Like the first one, it reached me in excellent condition. I also wanted to let you know how enormously pleased I am with both pieces. I was a bit uneasy purchasing Pueblo pots without first-hand examination (this I had never done before), but your images and descriptions gave me the confidence to take that risk, and I am abundantly rewarded by two stunning works, totally different except for their shared excellence."
B.M. ~ Abiquiu, New Mexico ~ 9/6/07

My wife and I bought a place in Abiquiu just last March and had been looking for a piece of micaceous pottery to represent that style in our collection. I had looked at any number of venues in NM and had not been drawn to any piece, until I saw your offerings! It seems odd to be purchasing from Maine a work made less than 50 miles from the Abiquiu property, but I'm very impressed by the quality of pottery you offer.
B.M. ~ Abiquiu, New Mexico ~ 8/24/07

Your package arrived in perfect condition yesterday and I simply could not be happier! This nativity set is even more lovely here in my hands than it was in the picture on your website. I have collected nativities for many years and especially love Native American ones. This one is an absolute treasure and will remain on display year round. Thank you so much for making these incredibly beautiful works available to us, and for packing them with such loving care before shipping them. I know I will be doing more purchases with you in the future. You are appreciated. Heartlfelt thanks.
B.F. ~ Raleigh, North Caolina ~ 3/6/07

It was a pleasure talking with you about the passion we share for pueblo pottery and the many artists.  I especially like doing business with you because of your respect for the artisans and your love of their work. 
L.S. ~ Golden, Colorado ~ 1/7/07

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service once again. This is my second time buying a wedding vase from you for a gift. You have the best selection of unique vases. Shipping is super fast and they are always packed very carefully. The people I bought the first wedding vase for are also browsing from your website now. I think this will be my place for wedding vases, though I see you have a great selection of other pottery too.
S. S. ~ Chula Vista, California ~ 6/16/2006

I waited till today, when all of my pottery pieces had arrived, to thank you for your outstanding service. Since California is quite some distance from Maine, your attention to detail in packing each piece is greatly appreciated. Likewise, this attention to detail is reflected in your meticulously maintain website which also contains an abundance of wonderful information. The pictures you have on your site of the Wilfred Gracia Wedding Vase, however, do not begin to depict the beauty of this piece. My husband and I are truly delighted with it! The melon swirl pot by Camilla Toya is equally as beautiful. Lupe Lucero's Koshare storyteller is delightful! When we look at that happy clown we can't help but smile.
M.B. ~ Fair Oaks, California ~ 6/2/06

I am truly elated with the piece of Erik Fender pottery that arrived this afternoon. It is indeed a gorgeous piece that I proudly display. I want to thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness in regard to this piece. The Lente piece that I received for Christmas is also a beautiful piece that also enhances my collection. It is always such a pleasure and a satisfaction to get pottery from you. I have never been a computer-fan, but I am now because it made it possible for me to find your site and to be developing such an enjoyable hobby of gems of pottery.
Pennsylvania - 1/6/2006

I cannot begin to put into words how wonderful your web page is. I have just received my first purchase, a Beatrice Garcia seed pot and it is everything and much more than I could have imagined. Your entire site is so enlightening, well designed and the pictures are very accurate. Thank you, Paul, for all of your help in choosing the right pot and thank you, for taking such care with the packaging. I will be back for additional purchases!
F.L. ~ Texas ~ 12/2/05

The box arrived today but I didn't get home from work until after 11 and wanted to save looking at it for the last moment of the day. How beautiful! I can't say how very perfect this is......but it almost makes me weep to hold it. Thank you for your kindness and quick response.
J.N. ~ New Haven, Connecticut

My Melissa Antonio pot just arrived, It’s even better than pictured! Thanks very much. I’ll be back for more based on this experience. Please keep me in mind if you get something new from Acoma Pueblo and I’ll surely keep you in mind on gift occasions and when adding to my own collection.
T.H. ~ Dallas, Texas

Your collections online are simply beautiful and seem to be offered at excellent prices. I really appreciate how much information about the artists and the pueblos that you have put online - thank you so much, it's a marvelous site and a wonderful resource..... I got my pot in the mail yesterday, too - what a pleasure. It's simply lovely to look at and to hold. The shape is exquisite, and the color is so warm. I just love it. Thank you for such incredibly speedy service and the great care you took with packing.
J.F. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

I am so glad that I found your wonderful webpage! I am so very pleased with the wedding vase which arrived yesterday. The thrill I get from opening up your boxes is almost as good as a visit to New Mexico. You can be sure that I'll keep checking in to see what just may beckon.
M.H. ~ Romero, Michigan

I went to the internet and first looked at Taos and Santa Fe galleries. It was after I was disappointed with what I saw that I thought about doing a search just on pueblo pottery and found your Web site. I thought your selection was broad and demonstrated good taste regarding potters who are contemporary, but still are working out of the tradition of the various pueblos. Thanks again for the assistance and advice you provided. Continued success.
C.S. ~ Eugene, Oregon

Love my new Erik Fender pot! When I hold it in my hand, it has such a nice feeling. I now understand what you mean about holding the pot in your hand. There is a spiritual essence, quality and integrity that resonates from the pot. I keep picking it up....
J.C. ~ Houston, Texas

Congrats on the best pottery site I've ever been on!
B.B. ~ Maryland

We received our pottery in great shape. This is the nicest group of pots I have ever purchased. Many online pictures look much better than the actual pottery, but the pictures on your website are very accurate. With the quality of your merchandise and the very competitive prices, I will be repeat a customer.
D.R. ~ Kaufman, Texas

How is it that I live here and I'm buying this storyteller from a store in Maine. You have a great selection...and prices!
R.H. ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

Thought I'd drop you a note and let you know the wedding vase got here
just fine. Great service... Great packing... Great pot!
S.W. ~ Dallas, Texas

Such promptness, such beauty! The piece of pottery I ordered from you arrived today and is gracing one of my collection shelves. Dealing with you is always an experience of total satisfaction. I am indeed grateful that I learned of "pueblopotteryme" as you have certainly added a wonderful new dimension to the joy of my collecting. Thank you for all your assistance, and I look forward to many more contacts with you.
D.L. ~ York, Pennsylvania

I've been collecting for ten years or so, and your pottery really is world class. You're obviously very selective.
W.M. ~ Georgia

I have meant to write to tell you how lovely both pots are. The Santa Clara is a perfect addition, and the Victorino is so sharp and colorful, we love them both. I can’t believe I'm in Utah, close to four corners, and buying pottery in Maine! Yu have exquisite taste, which is making mine look better! Thanks so much -
J.N. ~ Utah

My husband and I have just come back from a trip to NM (our 4th in 4 years) and your offerings are better than many of the Santa Fe and Taos offerings that we found. Your site is great and it's allowed me to start making a "wish/to buy list"! .....It's such a pleasure to find you ... your site is the best I've seen.
M.H. ~ Michigan

The huge bowl by Thomas Tenorio arrived in perfect condition. It is gigantic and was a bit of a shock actually seeing the size. It is truly beautiful and wonderful. Your web site is really excellent.
N.S. ~ Maryland

Your package arrived on Monday and I was reminded of your concern for both
the client and the product while unwrapping the piece of pottery I had
ordered. The 'box within a box' assures the intact delivery of the work of
art and renders it oblivious to the abuse going on around itself...on the
road to Texas! I thank you again for being you and having such an outstanding
offering of Native American art!
J.L. ~ Texas

A late note to let you know how much we are enjoying the pottery. As usual, dealing with you was easy and pleasant and all requests were handled very professionally. We very much appreciate your including the biographies of the artists and being so detailed with your information pertaining to the pottery. Thanks so much for always providing a great service which is not always the norm with other businesses now days!
JL ~ Alexandra, Virginia

My vases arrived the other day and they are beautiful. It is such a thrill to hold them in my hands and see all the craftsmanship that has gone into making them. I want to thank you for your advice, consideration, and helpfulness. It was a pleasure to talk with you. I hope someday I will be able to visit you at your store there in ME and thank you in person.
R.L. ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

I can't thank you enough for your conscientious packing and your quick service. The pots themselves are wonderful--I'm very happy with them. Thank you for a wonderful transaction, and for helping me place some wonderful art work in my home. My wife and I couldn't be more pleased!
T.C. ~ Eugene, Oregon

The magnificent piece arrived today, in perfect condition. I also thank you very much for the woven mat; the piece looks great on it as the black accents go very well with the storyteller. I also appreciate the enclosed information & certificate. It has indeed been a true pleasure purchasing from you,and I truly look forward to future contact and purchases.
D.L. ~ Pennsylvania

Thank you for your help with my purchase. I will certainly recommend your website to my friends and business associates. You provide excellent service.
M.F. ~ Pennsylvania

The pot arrived safe and sound. I absolutely love it. It exactly suits my sense of aesthetic and color. You are a great person to work with and I am looking forward to following your site and purchasing again from you.
N.N. ~ New York, New York

Just received a most beautiful Hopi pot. Came through in perfect shape. Couldn't be more pleased. I visited your web site daily just to look at it. It was interesting to find a dealer way up in Maine. Most of the dealers I am familiar with are in New Mexico and Arizona. Thank you so much, I will give it a good home.
R.R. ~ San Diego, California

My storyteller arrived today in mint condition--you did pack it extremely well. I couldn't be more pleased. She sits calmly amidst the pictures of my 5 granddaughters and seems to belong there. Thanks for everything,
D.G. ~ Wisconsin

I received the pots yesterday. Very nice. Thanks indeed. You never disappoint!
A.S. ~ Arlington, Virginia

Thank you so much for working with me to allow me to acquire this spectacular piece. You can be sure it will be most admired and appreciated.
J.H. ~ Southampton, New Jersey

Your website is easy to use and your inventory is outstanding!
C.B. ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

I never expected to encounter prices from a gallery in Maine that beat the prices I can get here in Santa Fe. It’s great!
D.R. ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

Looking at your new Hopi, Santa Clara and Acoma pottery in particular, reminded me that there is no such thing as a complete collection of this beautiful artwork. The quality of work, the genuine craftsmanship being brought to bear in these pieces is unbelievable. The creativity of the potters, as they constantly explore and redefine traditional shapes and designs, makes this area of collecting an endless universe of beauty that always manages to find new and exciting forms of expression. I'm in the process of finalizing my next selection, but it ain't easy......!
J.L. ~ Austin, Texas

Q. - My friend's niece is getting married next weekend and we are looking for our misplaced copy of the Wedding Vase Ceremony...about 1+ pages...we have the vase as her 86-year-old grandmother has made it for them...could you help please?

- Your research is better than mine!!!! far better!!! The downloaded document you sent will allow my friend to ensure a beautiful ceremony...I am forever grateful for your time.........

Most respectfully,
Marilynn Crelier, Tribal Judge
Pueblo of Picuris

I just wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with your website and the information it had on it. Info about pottery, artisans, the pueblos, etc. Not only was it very nicely done, it was also correct. Usually when I come upon websites that deal with anything Zuni or with the other pueblos, the information they give is wrong or offensive to me as a Zuni/Native American. And I make it a point to email them and let them know.

Great job on your website!! It is one I will definitely recommend!
Cordelia L. Hooee, Library Media Assistant
Zuni High School Library Media Center

Some Ebay Feedback...

  • Returned from surgery to find magnificent Acoma pottery piece; Thanks; A++.
    San Francisco, California
  • Excellent seller. Fantastic items. Smooth and fast transaction. Thank you!
  • Perfect transaction! Perfect pot! Very nice exchange.
  • Great service; friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!!!
  • Great communication. An E-bayer with integrity. Thanks Paul. Highly recommend!
  • Lightning fast shipping - Great EBAYer - one of the best - beautiful pot +++AAAA
  • Extremely quick response and delivery. The piece is beautiful!
  • A pleasure to deal with. Expertly wrapped and prompt delivery.
  • The best! Fast service, excellent packaging, and a downright nice guy.
  • Pot as advertised, exceeded expectations, best in class eBay seller !
  • Excellent transaction. Good communication and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.

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